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IV Infusions Are The New Face Masks

IV Infusions Are The New Face Masks

Posted on November 12th, 2022

BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE — and this new therapy takes that quite literally. With celebrities like Justin and Hailey Bieber swearing by these therapies, IV infusions for beauty and wellness have already gained popularity abroad. However, they are still somewhat of a well-kept secret in Australia.

We caught up with registered nurse and cosmetic specialist, Kiki Bacic, to get the low down on all things IV infusions, and just why everyone from Chrissy Tegan to Harry Styles are making them a regular part of their wellbeing routine.

What is IV infusion therapy?

“IV infusion therapy consists of inserting a cannula into a vein that is connected to a bag of saline solution — the formula of which varies depending on what each patient is trying to achieve,” says Nurse Kiki.

“This kind of therapy isn’t exactly new — it’s been used in the medical industry for a while to help cure a range of aliments — but utilising it for beauty and wellness reasons is reasonably new in Australia.”

How does an IV infusion work?

For those of us who religiously undertake complex skincare routines, but still aren’t quite satisfied with the results, the answer might not actually be skin deep. While bathing in lashings of expensive moisturisers and serums will certainly help achieve the dewy, glowing skin so many of us crave, the hard work often begins with how we nourish our bodies.

Of course, having a healthy diet and being well hydrated and rested are foundational when it comes to feeling energised and having great skin. But today, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone.

This is where IV infusion therapy comes in.

“During IV infusions, what we’re putting in is going straight into the bloodstream and being completely absorbed by cells — which, when you compare to vitamins you take orally, is a much more efficient way for your body to absorb nutrients,” says Nurse Kiki.

“Receiving vitamin infusions intravenously means that they bypass the digestive system. Oral vitamin supplements, on the other hand, have to go through the digestive system and are up against things like stomach acid — so only about 40% of the nutrients get absorbed.”

What are the benefits of vitamin IV infusion therapy?

Our bodies can put a hit of vitamins and minerals to work in a variety of ways. But when it comes to beauty and wellness, the objectives for IV infusions tend to be centred around having beautiful, clear skin, achieving anti-aging outcomes, and boosting our energy and mental wellbeing.

However, they can also be used to bounce back from a period of illness and to manage a range of aliments— including helping oncology patients during chemotherapy, as well as a useful tool in overcoming addiction.

“NAD+, for example, is an infusion that helps reduce cravings — so it’s useful for addiction treatment and recovery,” says Nurse Kiki. “Recipients report fewer withdrawal symptoms, improved cognitive clarity, restored energy levels, improved mood and improved brain function.”

“Justin Bieber has really popularised this treatment, as he’s been quite outspoken about how much it helped him overcome substance addiction.”

NAD+ therapy, anti-aging and mental wellbeing

The beauty of IV infusions is that they can be tailored to you and your needs, but there are certain treatments that are growing in popularity — NAD+ being one of them.

“Apart from its application in addiction treatment and recovery, many say that NAD+ reverses signs of aging — but of course, everyone is different. It can help with improving the appearance of skin, with boosting energy levels, and preventing and correcting DNA damage,” says Nurse Kiki.

“Neurologically, it’s also great because It helps with anxiety and depression, as well as memory, healthy brain function and cell regeneration.”

NAD+ also helps improves focus, concentration, and energy levels — and its impact can be both immediate and sustained. “I once had a patient who was heavy smoker and had a poor diet,” says Nurse Kiki, “and they commented that after treatment, they felt like they were ‘bouncing off the walls.’”

“I think when people experience how good they could really feel, it helps create a mindset shift to create positive lifestyle changes and overcome addiction.”

Glutathione as part of a comprehensive skincare routine

If you’re here for gorgeous, glowing skin, glutathione is probably more your speed.

“Glutathione is also going absolutely crazy at the moment,” says Nurse Kiki. “It’s an enzyme that’s found in fruit and vegetables that detoxes and cleanses the body. It helps with anti-aging, removes toxins and heavy metals, supports the immune system and neutralises free radicals.”

“It can also help achieve that beautiful skin glow.”

Of glutathione’s many evangelists is Australian skin queen Melanie Grant, who says she tries to undergo glutathione treatment once every three months. “I travel a lot for work, which really makes my skin suffer. I’ve been booking regular infusion when I return from abroad, and I really notice the immediate difference it makes to my post-flight skin. It’s amazing!”

Vitamin infusions for immunity and recovery

“Vitamin infusions have become more popular,” says Nurse Kiki. “The most common one currently is called ‘super immunity’, which has vitamin C, magnesium, B complex and zinc and boosts immune function.”

“Super immunity is great for people going into surgery, both pre and post-op. It helps boost your immunity, promotes and aids in recovery and healing and reduces cold and flu symptoms.”

“Magnesium is also great for women who suffer from cramps during their menstrual cycle, as it relaxes muscles and helps ease the pain.”

How much do vitamin IV infusions cost?

Of course, like many effective, scienced-backed solutions, IV infusion therapies can cost a pretty penny. The going rate of NAD+ infusions starts at about $700, while glutathione and super immunity infusions come in at $250. If you’re wanting to add extra vitamins to this health cocktail, they usually cost $50 extra each.

For the best results, Nurse Kiki also encourages patients to stick to a regular therapy schedule. “My regular clients come in monthly,” she says. “If you want to reap the skincare benefits, once a month for three months is a great way to give your skin a big boost.”

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